Anonymous said: when did kensi say that jacks dead and talked to Nate about it?



You’re right I said that wrong.  The actual quotes are these:


KING: Yep. Don’t tell me you’re a Marine too.

KENSI: My father was. I grew up moving from base to base. I was even, uh, engaged to a jarhead once.

KING: He managed to escape?

KENSI: Killed at Fallujah.


KENSI:  Men. They always find a way to leave you.

NATE: Thinking about Dom?

KENSI: Dom, my father, my ex-boyfriend, my old partner. It’s quite a body count, huh?

So… yeah.  There are a bunch of ways to look at this.  Jack is the fiance and she lied about him dying (why?).  She had another fiance who died?  The ex-boyfriend was actually an ex-fiance?  Who’s the old partner? 

Wasn’t she like 25 when she started with the OSP?  And 22 when Jack left?  Girl packed in a lot of heartache in a very short time, especially considering she spent a year of her high school life on the streets so she had to get that education somewhere and it would have put her a little behind those who went straight through.  Add in the time she spent at the academy and college?  When did she have time to lose a partner and get engaged twice and also have a boyfriend?

I would like a map of Kensi’s life, please.

yes please!!!

Agreed, but a couple of notes that might help the confusion in the meantime:

  1. We know that Jack came back from overseas with PTSD, so metaphorically speaking the Jack Kensi knew DID die in Fallujah.  Also, as far as Kensi is concerned Jack COULD be dead because she hasn’t seen him in years.
  2. In any undercover “the truth is your best friend”.  Keeping the story as close to the truth as possible, makes you less likely to forget the details.
  3. She knows she is speaking to a psychologist in Nate, so she can’t outright LIE to him about what she is feeling.  So we arrive at #4…
  4. The quote above she said ‘[they] find a way to leave you’, not ‘find a way to die’ for starters…though admittedly everyone on the mentioned list HAS been confirmed or otherwise implied as dead EXCEPT for the ‘ex-boyfriend’.  Dom, her father and her ‘old partner’(meaning her partner before Dom, the reason they had a ‘new recruit’ in the first place), whom Hetty strongly implies is dead [sorry, I don’t remember the exact episode or quotes] all left her because they died.  This brings us back to #1 above, though instead of being undercover Kensi is trying to keep from breaking down and emotionally distancing herself from the depth of emotion involved.  Jack wasn’t just an ex, he was a fiance, but by ‘reducing’ him to an ex-boyfriend she is admitting her abandonment issues but without revealing the full depth of her pain.
  5. As far as the ‘dropping out of school/college/academy’ situation, if she tested high enough intellectually she probably could have gone to a military college, thereby making her college/academy years either concurrent or compacted shorter than others, even if she started later.

In summary, In all these instances JACK is the person Kensi is talking about there is only one boyfriend, and one fiance and they are the same person.  This is the same thing as Deeks telling Kensi that his last Thanksgiving with his Dad was ‘a couple years ago’ in Borderline, but us finding out later that it was actually when he was 11 in Personal…he was ‘embellishing’ the truth to protect himself emotionally, Kensi is doing the same thing here.



Can someone in the NCIS:LA fandom explain to me why there is such as issue with ‘Drive’???

Kensi thought his birthday was 18th and not the 8th (the dates could be wrong I forget but they did have the same number in them). I see why people have a problem with it, Kensi forgetting Deeks’ birthday and her “being very OOC.” But tbh I didn’t really think of it as a huge deal that a lot of people thought it was and made it out to be. I’ve had close people I’ve known for way longer than four years, and I still do mix up their birthdays, not on purpose of course it just slips the mind. Nobody is perfect.

The thing about ‘Drive’ is that a fan of the SHOW, like me, thinks it was a decent episode, though not stellar by any means, some episodes are just better than others. DENSI fans, who are often the most vocal side of the fandom, don’t like it because three minutes of the forty-two minute episode caused a fangirl meltdown not unlike a toddler temper tantrum because one half of their otp was human instead of perfect.  Personally, as a fan of both the show and Densi, I don’t get what the big deal is about ‘Drive’ either.

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